Providing you with a professional finish is key here at Sandallwoods Flooring. When it comes to the finishing touches, we want to ensure you achieve the perfect look. When it comes to wood floor gap filling, we have devised a unique method that produces exceptional results each time.

Traditionally, gaps in hardwood floors after installation were resolved with filler. To produce the perfect colour and texture, companies would produce this floor gap filler by mixing it with the sawdust collected during the sanding process. Although this is an effective method in many cases, it does have some flaws when it comes to pine flooring. Here, there is a void beneath the floorboards and, therefore, no support for the filler after it has been applied. This process of filling gaps in hardwood floors with sawdust may be more affordable, but it can result in unsightly cracks. Once dried, the filler is also likely to fall through these gaps and leave behind an uneven and unattractive finish.

Here at Sandallwoods Flooring, we have come up with an ingenious solution. We focus on filling gaps in hardwood floors with reclaimed solid strips of pine This process provides the perfect gap filler solution while also ensuring naturally aged, colour matched wood.

During this process, our expert team will glue these solid pine strips into the gaps between floorboards after the first course grit sanding has been completed. Once the glue has dried, we then cut the excess wood down to the level of your floorboards before sanding the entire floor down to a fine, abrasive finish. This provides the ideal surface for lacquer or hard wax oil seals.

Please note: As wood is a natural product, it will expand and retract in size throughout the year. This can cause small gaps to become visible during colder weather. However, these should disappear as the weather warms up and the boards expand out again.

Parquet Gap Filling

For those opting for parquet block flooring, it is equally as important to fill gaps found in between each individual block. Here at Sandallwoods Flooring, parquet gap filling is achieved through the application of a wood floor filler. We produce this filler by mixing in 100grit sawdust, taken from the floor sanding process. In doing so, we are able to ensure the perfect colour match and a seamless finish.

During this process, our team will spread the wood floor filler mixture across the entire floor, working it into each gap with a trowel. After drying and curing with the floor, we continue the sanding process to produce a smooth and professional finish. In the event of larger gaps, we may need to repeat this process a second time, to ensure the filler is left flush with the floor.

Please note: Unlike gap filling wood floors, parquet block flooring is primarily laid on to a solid surface. This restricts the movement you would commonly see with pine floor boards and supports the filler in place. In this situation, the filler is unable to crack or fall through.