Parquet flooring never goes out of style and has an undeniable elegance to it. Here at Sandallwood’s Flooring, we have over 10 years of experience in the sanding and restoration of solid wood floors. Helping to maintain the beauty of this classic design, we use a mixture of traditional methods and modern machines to produce exceptional results.

The first step in our parquet flooring restoration is to locate loose or damaged blocks. These drastically impact the visual impact and can present a tripping hazard in any environment. Our team will individually lift these blocks, restoring them back to their original beauty when needed. The under surface will be fully cleaned before each block is meticulously glued back down securely. Next, we will complete a full sanding service. Here, the old finish is stripped off along with scratches and dents. This process also works to flatten the floor surface, making it safer to use for everyone.

Over time, parquet flooring can fall victim to the appearance of gaps. This is due to the wooden blocks shrinking as they release moisture. Here at Sandallwood’s, we have gained the skill and experience to deal with issues such as these. Using a professional-grade, clear filler, we will create a blend using sawdust from your floor to achieve the perfect colour match and fill each gap. The final stage is to finish your parquet flooring with either lacquer or hardwax oil to suit your personal needs. We can also apply a darker stain if this best suits the look in your room.

Contact us today to get a free no-obligation quotation. Our experienced team will always strive to work within your budget and produce results you’ll want to show off to everyone. We help you to rediscover the true beauty of parquet floors in both residential and commercial environments.