Our Hardwood Floor Restoration is a fully comprehensive service offered on solid wood flooring. Our goal is to restore its original beauty through both traditional methods and modern machinery. With over 10 years of experience in our trade, our talented and professional team of carpenters work hard on every single project. We are confident that you’ll fall back in love with your hardwood floor like you never have before.

Our restoration process for hardwood flooring starts by sanding the flood back to its bard state. In doing so, we remove old and tired lacquer or oil. This step also allows us to do away with dents and scratches that can cause a floor to look dull. Hardwood flooring is particularly porous and can become victim to stains over time. A deep sanding process will take away darker marks, depending on how deep the stain has penetrated each board. Once this stage has been completed, you will be able to fully appreciate all the grains and natural marks which make your flooring so unique.

We understand the investment that floor restoration takes, both financially and in terms of time. For this reason, we aim to protect the finished project perfectly so you can appreciate the elegant beauty. After the sanding process, we will re-apply an appropriate floor finish with either Bona Floor Lacquer or Ozumo Hard Wax Oil. We can also offer a range of different stains if you prefer a darker appearance.

Contact us today to discuss your hardwood floor restoration needs. We are able to provide a free no-obligation quote over the phone. Over a decade of experience has given us the skills to offer the best advice and recommendations in the industry. Get in touch today and take the first steps to reclaim the true beauty of solid wooden floors.